Patriarchy Prison Blues

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Look How The Money Rolls In

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The Bloody Orange Man

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Look how the money rolls in. (to the tune of ‘Do you want your oul lobby washed down’)


With blokes selling makeup and wearing high heels

And claiming that they are T girls

A woman is nothing but what a man feels

And a penchant for clutching at pearls

A penis is female a vulva is male

The science you learned is just wrong

So if you want surgery put the check in the mail

And you can fit where a man don’t belong


 CH.And look how the money rolls in, my dears

And look how the money rolls in

There’s things to be bought and for life you’ll be caught

And look how the money rolls in


There’s hormones to take every day without fail

To help with those feminine feels

You need lady tresses and booblicious dresses

To boost up your girlish appeal

Then make up and tweezed in your size sixteen boots

You can go shopping for more

Pay to learn how to walk and learn how to talk

Be the woman no one can ignore


You need jewelry and knickers and push you up bras

Though your boobs will defy gravity

You can get on you tube to say why you need lube

It’s  acceptable depravity

So it’s money for this and it’s money for that

To keep up the show for the world

Because failing at being a man must mean

You’re really a cute teenage girl


There’s whole fortunes amassing from all of your wants

You’re a capitalist cash cow for sure

And you’ll keep coming back for year after year

As they persuade you you really need more

You have to stay young and you have to stay smooth

And you have to keep popping those pills

So keep keeping on with this delusion you’re in

And don’t forget paying your bills.




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The Bloody Orange Man

To the tune ‘Mine eyes have seen the glory'(ish)

My eyes have seen the terror
That the orange man can bring
Who behaves like a dictator
And believes he is a king
He’s going to fuck your life up
He’ll be laughing while you scream
And he’ll go marching on

Bloody Nora what a terrible, terrible day
Words can’t express what I’d really like to say
If I was religious I might even pray
For the end to the orange man

His mouth is like an arsehole
And he talks a load of shit
He’s a bloody racist bigot
And he’s very proud of it
He’s a vile and woman hating
And a xenophobic git
And he’ll go marching on

He wants to take the country back in time
And make it great again
To when slaves could all be beaten
And you could shoot the native men
To when women did what they were told
And never did complain
As he goes marching on

His finger’s on the button
Of the ending of the world
He’ll be standing on our bodies
With his bloody flag unfurled
His pocket full of dollars made
On the bodies of our girls
And he’ll keep marching on

We must stand up for our sisters
In America right now
Who face poverty and violence
And this we can’t allow
We must join our hands together
And make a worldwide vow
To stop him marching on

Stand together sisters make your voices loud
We are fully human we are women and we’re proud
No man can ever own us and we will not be cowed
By the bloody orange man

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Growing old fast

Growing old fast

I talk like my mother, I look like my dad
The things I learned early are now thought to be bad
While tv screens grow bigger and phones, they get small
I wonder if anything matters at all
When everything seems entirely half arsed
I guess I am growing old fast.

When men can be women and silence your sister
When it’s an offence to call a male person mister
When everyone knows men can have a vagina
And clothing and make up are what really define ya
When we stop learning lessons from what’s in the past
I guess I am growing old fast

When women are sold as if they are meat
And are no more important than something you eat
When there’s a push to make legal the selling of bodies
Because some politicians have drug fuelled sex hobbies
When slavery seems like a weather forecast
I guess I am growing old fast

CH. Growing old makes you bold
And you stop caring ‘bout what people think
Won’t be patrolled, when you’re old
Perfectly willing to kick up a stink
Won’t be fooled, nor be schooled
By the choosey choice doublethink
Getting old can be gold
Don’t let your loud voices shrink

When women are jailed for losing a child
And rapists are called nothing more than just wild
When boys will be boys is used as excuse
To rap on their knuckles and then turn them loose
We must raise our voices, even if we’re outcast
And be glad we are growing old fast

When babies are raped not long after they’re born
And ex boyfriends are spreading home-made revenge porn
When Johns hold the power and so do the sellers
Then we must become our own storytellers
We must fight for the future and not be downcast
We must be wise now we’re growing old fast

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Women in Sports & the Olympics: Edition 5

Women’s Liberation Radio News

Our September 2016 podcast takes a look at women in sports on the heels of the Olympic games, and increasing changes in our society’s standards for sex-based participation. Elizabeth McKeown discusses those guidelines in our feature story. We also hear a brand new song from Ali Bee relevant to the topic, and Sekhmet She-Owl speaks with Professor Susan Basow regarding the perception of women as strong athletes. Plus, some very important headlines by Nile Pierce. With your help, we can get women’s voices heard– please share far and wide.

Rio Olympic Games 2016 - Day Four Simone Biles, “The best athlete in America today”

susan basowSusan Basow is a social/clinical psychologist with a special focus on gender and the Charles A Dana Professor of Psychology at Lafayette College in Easton, PA. She is also a member of the college’s Women and Gender Studies Advisory Committee. Her research interests include the effects of gender on people’s perceptions of others…

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